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Hardwood Floor Water Damage & Other Repair

Wood floors are very durable but unfortunately circumstances can arise that makes their repair necessary. Common hardwood floor damage includes buckling and warping caused by prolonged exposure to water. If caught soon enough, water damage can often be repaired by simply applying some drying techniques. We can help you with this. Dents and gouges can also require repair. Deep dents and gouges may be repaired using an application of matching wood dough putty, or, may require replacing boards. All types of damage can be repaired by our skilled family of craftsmen. We can expertly match wood type, color, and finish sheen to seamlessly repair most wood floors.

"Based on past experience with other floor refinishers, we expected to come home to a layer of dust on everything. We were so pleasantly surprised to come home and find you left our house looking cleaner and less dusty than we had left it!"

-- Janna and Bill Butler, Seattle

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